Thank You for another great year at camp!!!!

This Year First Baptist Church of Preston went to summer camp at Camp Chetek.  Camp Chetek is nestled among the towering pines on 125 acres of beautiful woodlands in northern Wisconsin lake country and has been a spiritual training ground for campers since 1944. Over the years, this beautiful place in God's creation has reflected a special light for thousands of young people, the light of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Consistent in its purpose, Camp Chetek seeks to fulfill the great commission of Christ while providing a totally unique, high-quality camping experience for each camper.

This years theme was Tournament of Champions and it was indeed a great time for our campers.  During Junior week 1 there were 238 campers and 19 of them were from First Baptist of Preston. During Teen Week We had 10 Campers join us from the church for an exciting week of adventure and fellowship with another 148 campers. Friendships were made and a great time was had by everyone.  Please enjoy the videos of our campers from the 2019 camping year and we look forward to seeing everyone back at camp again next year!